PET Bottle



Reimagined recycled plastic bottle design reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact in all aspects, including distribution, form factor, manufacturing, and recycling through a circular economy model.

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Efficient by Form

The design of the bottle is purely driven by efficiency, focusing on streamlining both the product and distribution logistics. Every aspect of the bottle's design, from its shape to its materials, is carefully optimized to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. By prioritizing functionality and practicality, the bottle is designed to be lightweight and durable, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact. Its standardized shape allows for efficient packing and stacking, optimizing storage space during transportation. Additionally, the use of recyclable materials further supports sustainability efforts while maintaining cost-effectiveness throughout the entire production and distribution process.


Less carbon footprint in environmental impact through distribution reduced by smaller form factor and packaging volume.


Estimated $4.2 million saved per year based on annual distribution cost of $1 billion.

35 Billion

Estimated 35 billion bottle caps eliminated through a capless design. Bottle cap plastics are not recyclable in traditional plastic bottles.

Efficient by Logistics 

The bottle goes above and beyond by creating a circular economy where plastic bottles are promoted to be recollected and reused, addressing the crucial issue of how conventional plastic bottles negatively impact the environment. By encouraging the recollection and reuse of plastic bottles, the product reduces waste and minimizes the need for new plastic production. This innovative approach not only mitigates environmental harm but also fosters a sustainable solution to the plastic waste problem. By actively promoting the reuse of materials, the bottle contributes to a more environmentally friendly and economically viable system.


Reinventing the cap to use the same material as the bottle. Inspired by the chamber walls in human hearts. Pressure from bottle will open and pushing the lid in will close the pass through.


Creases on the bottle inspired by paper bags to make the bottle flat when pressed.

Space Efficient

Rectangular design to make the form factor as space efficient as possible during distribution.

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