Sartori: Artisanal Cheese For All 


Sartori is an artisanal cheese company renowned for its rich heritage of crafting the unique BellaVitano line of cheese. The main objective of the project was to highlight the artisanal aspect of the cheesemaking process, emphasizing Sartori's commitment to quality and tradition. Additionally, the project aimed to introduce the brand to a younger generation of cheese lovers and those new to exploring different types of cheese. Through a blend of tradition and innovation, Sartori sought to capture the attention of a diverse audience, inviting them to discover the distinctive flavors and craftsmanship behind BellaVitano cheese.

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Artisanal Cheese For All 

The slogan demonstrates Sartori's dedication to cheese through suggested recipes, taste notes, and pairing guides, all aimed at introducing the artisanal cheese experience to newcomers.

Taste Notes

Worked with product developers from Sartori in order to create more simplified taste note charts for every BellaVitano products.

Pairing Guide

Find the perfect wine, beer, and foods to pair with each type of cheese.


Learn how to use artisanal cheese in food with recipes that are curated by Sartori.

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