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Works designed for ICONIC Protein as an intern. Was in charge of discussing company branding and visuals with the marketing team to update the packaging and other promotional materials.

As the first in-house designer within the startup, I got to work on wide range of projects including pitch decks for investors, packaging and distribution for physical products, working to update the webpage, and more.

Packaging Production Graphic Identity


When I started my internship, the company worked with designers on project basis, making each product have its own identity and design language. The blue accent color was the only design element that was carried throughout the design. The team also wanted the design to portray the product’s clean ingredients and the fact that they have less or no sugar with sufficient amount of protein in a small bottle.


With feedback from customers, the main challenge was to portray clean and sustainable ingredients of the product with the bright blue company accent color. While simplifying the design, I decided to play with more natural and organic design elements to soften.


Worked primarily with director of marketing, CEO, and CFO in order to come up with a branding strategy used for appearance of products, website, and marketing materials.

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