Curation and branding for 2020 UCLA Design Media | Arts Undergraduate Show featuring 45 undergraduate works which migrate through each other’s influences. 

I worked with a curatorial team to organize and curate the show along with staff and faculty members at UCLA. Official details about the event can be found in the event page.

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Migration cultivates communication. It is the means by which people of different identities and cultures are able to interact, human to human. Migration is often obstructed, be it through literal walls or visible borders, and what could be sites of rich cultural exchange instead become locations of ciolence. Conversely, technological innovation has expanded the boundaries of exchange. The internet has allowed all types of people to form their own micro-communities, which leak into each other in increasingly interesting ways.

Curatorial Concept

After joining the Design Media | Arts program at UCLA and meeting all students while working at the print lab facility, I realized that a large portion of students were immigrants and people of color. As an immigrant myself, I felt like our culture was not represented enough through our work, which we often made to fulfill assignments for courses. After becoming the president of the Undergraduate Council in 2019, I then had an idea to make our annual undergraduate show to revolve around the theme of our transitioning moment in our lives to let students speak about their background through their work.

Gallery Layout

All pieces in the gallery were meticulously categorized not only by medium but also by cultural significance, creating a linear and progressive experience for viewers as they walked through the space. Each piece was carefully placed within the gallery to ensure a cohesive flow, guiding viewers through a journey that seamlessly transitioned from one theme or medium to the next. By categorizing pieces based on cultural significance, the gallery aimed to highlight connections between artworks and their broader cultural contexts, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of each piece's meaning and significance. This approach allowed viewers to engage with the artwork in a meaningful and immersive way, fostering a richer appreciation for the diverse range of artistic expressions on display.

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