Year Of 


Year Of is an Asian-inspired hard seltzer featuring bold fruit flavors, developed in collaboration with 88rising. To bring the boldness of these flavors to life, 3D graphics and renders were developed from the ground up. This included animations and graphics designed to portray the flavors with entertaining movements, enhancing the overall experience. From vibrant and bursting animations to dynamic graphics depicting the essence of each flavor, these 3D elements were crafted to capture the attention and imagination of consumers, creating a visually compelling representation of Year Of's unique offerings.

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Digital Production 

All four flavors of Year Of beverages were digitally recreated through meticulous 3D modeling, ensuring accurate representation by comparing real-life prototypes and early test samples. This process allowed for precise projection of textures, capturing the essence of each flavor. By digitally recreating the beverages, the production process was expedited, and it enabled product photography even in digital store experiences and PDPs. This approach not only ensured consistency across various marketing materials but also provided flexibility for showcasing the products in different digital environments, enhancing the overall brand presence and consumer engagement.

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