WRLD is a digital metaverse centered around creating equal opportunities and experiences for everyone, mirroring the real world down to floor-level rooms inside buildings. It provides a fresh start in a new world where people can start businesses, hold meetings, and travel seamlessly. WRLD is based on real-world infrastructure data, enabling high-fidelity 3D representations both inside and outside buildings, ensuring an immersive and realistic experience for users.

Live Brand Identity Art Direction 3D Production Web Design UI UX

Design Inspiration 

The design inspiration for WRLD's logo was drawn from studying R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion map, known for providing the most accurate representation of countries' sizes on a flat, two-dimensional surface, thereby aiming to portray all countries equally. The primary shape of the Dymaxion map also inspired the use of triangles, which refract light to reveal all spectrums of light waves, symbolizing the exploration of what's inside. Expanding on this symbolism, two triangles were employed to represent both the real and digital worlds, forming the letter W when inverted. To add depth to the logo and depict the interaction between the two worlds in a three-dimensional space, dimensionality was incorporated. By experimenting with materiality and surface refractions, various color schemes were explored, making the logo adaptable not only to traditional two-dimensional surfaces but also to the three-dimensional metaverse..

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