PEAR User Experience Design

Human-machine interface (HMI) design work for fisker’s smaller urban electric vehicle, Fisker PEAR. Established visual language that’s more technology-driven with emphasis in minimalism.

Full Project
Team Lead Concept Development Art Direction HMI UI UX

Ocean User Experience Design

Human-machine interface (HMI) design work for Fisker’s first electric vehicle in the market, Fisker Ocean. Harmonized design across physical touchpoints and software by collaborating with exterior and interior teams, and enhanced user experience by addressing customer feedback with UX and research teams.

Project Not Available

Team Lead Concept Development Art Direction HMI UI UX

Product Vision Day

Creative direction and screen graphic design for Product Vision Day event revealing future company goals and planned vehicles in the pipeline.

Full Project
Graphic Identity Production Live Streaming

YouTube Creators

Website providing everything you need to create on YouTube, from getting started to promoting videos. Managed overall project with external managers from Google to design and build out the site tailored to 48 different regions worldwide.

Full Project
Live Talent Management Graphic Identity Web Design Video Production Illustration UI UX


Year Of is a premium, Asian-inspired hard seltzer bursting with unexpectedly bold real fruit flavors created in collaboration with 88rising. Developed 3D digital renders to support the overall campaign.

Full Project
Live Brand Identity 3D Production Campaign Live Event Web Design

Sartori: Artisanal Cheese For All

For generations, Sartori has partnered with Wisconsin family farms to do one thing: make great cheese. Crafted improved web experience to introduce artisanal cheese for all.

Full Project
Live Brand Identity Art Direction Production Web Design UI UX


Visual identity designed for WRLD, a digitally cloned metaverse platform based on infrastructure data from around the globe.

Full Project
Live Brand Identity Art Direction 3D Production Web Design UI UX


Curation and branding for 2020 UCLA Design Media | Arts Undergraduate Show featuring 45 undergraduate works which migrate through each other’s influences.

Full Project
Event Page Curation Talent Management Exhibition Graphic Identity Print

Iconic Protein Kids

Works designed for Iconic Protein as an intern. Was in charge of discussing company branding and visuals with the marketing team to update the packaging and other promotional materials.

Full Project
Packaging Production Graphic Identity

The Tomorrow That Never Was

Book about retrofuturism analyzing objjects with applied narratives based on personal memories and research while defining what futurism and retrofuturism mean within design.

Full Project
Print Copywriting Art Direction Bookmaking


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