Digital temperature scanning station for seamless integration.

Stores are starting to open while the pandemic is still in the air. I noticed that stores have a strict policy to check everyone’s temperatures when they arrive. The contactless thermometers are not the most friendly-looking devices as the person has to aim the hand-held device towards the customer. I noticed that this event is very awkward and uncomfortable. All contactless thermometers are shaped like a gun as they require the imaging device to be aimed towards a person’s head.

Other examples of temperature imaging devices in airports, for example, still require pointing a camera towards people, which makes the entire experience uncomfortable.

With all the stores having to implement this regulation, I wish to design a temperature imaging device that’s more seamless and friendly. Much like hand sanitizer stands that are now required in stores, I believe that this device could even be implicated into future uses after the pandemic.

Existing temperature imaging layout commonly used in airports. They are widely used in areas where rapid imaging is required for a large amount of people. However, it requires people to stand still for accurate temperature readouts and are not able to scan people that are standing behind another person. In order to prevent this, people are still required to line up and stand in front of the camera for accurate results. The camera is pointed directly at people recording everything, making the experience uncomfortable as it infringes on everyone’s privacy.

Handheld devices are commonly used in smaller stores where they can scan people one by one as they enter through the door. It is a very awkward process as there are no other infrastructures built to support this process. For example, stores usually have a desk setup to block people from entering on their own, and customers are required to stand behind the desk and lean forward in order to get their temperature measured. On top of that, the device is shaped like a gun, which is being aimed directly on their head, making the process even more uncomfortable. Customers also get no feedback from the devices as they only provide information to the user, making them feel nervous as people can still be infected of COVID-19 without symptoms.
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