A versatile stackable chair system inspired by spider legs. Interchangeable seat and frame finishes allow numerous customization options.

Since the project was initiated for the West Elm design competition, brand research was conducted by analyzing different chairs and furniture products available on their website. Main emphasis fot the concept was placed on simplicity and contrast of soft and hard materials. For example, lots of chairs and stools available on their website were made out of fabric for seats and metal for legs.

To make the product more dynamic compared to their lineup of simple designs, the shape of the legs were inspired by spiders. Long legs reach the floor outwards and the metal frames sink down to support the base of the chair to give a more stable look for the chair. This design detail allong with the short backrest allowed me to express principles of transportation design by allocating more visual weight towards the bottom of the chair, making even the taller stool look stable and planted to the ground.

Emphasizing the simplicity in materials and construction, the design of the chair celebrates beautiful materials by exposing their characteristics through design. The simple construction of the chair allows endless amount of color, material, and design combinations.

Additional parts were able to be added on. Front and back add-on pieces act as footsteps while the back piece also adds a grab handle behind the backrest to carry and stack chairs for storage.

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